Attached are some sermons preached from the pulpit of Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral Passage
How to Praise God for what he has done for me.Larry BrowderPsalm 105:1
Lessons from PaulLarry BrowderThe Book of Acts
Let The Redeem of the Lord Say soLarry Browder
Singing Praises and PrayerLarry BrowderActs 16: 25-34
The Deep WaterLayton BentleyEzekiel 47: 1-5
God has all the PowerHunter Bentley Acts 16:22-32
Revival around the River BankLarry BrowderActs 16:6-15
The Power of Corporate PrayerLarry BrowderActs 12: 1-17
The Damascus Road EncounterLarry BrowderActs 9:1-21
Our joy in fellowship with GodDave AlmenPsalm 63
One man, Some man, Some other manLarry BrowderActs 8: 26- 40
The Simplicity of GodLarry BrowderActs 5:40-42
How much do you fear GodLarry BrowderActs 5: 1-11
God has a Job for usLarry BrowderActs 4:13-22, II Timothy 3:12
The Message Never ChangesLarry BrowderActs $:1-12
God has a purpose in your LifeLarry BrowderActs 3:11-19
For God so LovedZane ManisJohn 3:16-17
Praise God for what He has DoneLarry BrowderActs 2:46-47 ; Psalm 9:1
Some things we should see in Gods HouseLarry BrowderActs 2:41-47
God keeps His PromissesActs 2:1-13Larry Browder
Blessing In Obedience,Larry BrowderActs 1:12-14
Good Bye Earth, Hello HeavenLarry Browder
Leaving MemorialsTerry Browder
The Last Knock.Revelation 3:20-22Hunter Bentley
There is Coming a DayHunter Bentley Revelation 21: 1-6
I Believe !Tommy ShulerJohn 20: 19 - 29
The institution of the Lord's SupperLarry BrowderI Corinthians 11: 23-32
Fishing with JesusLarry BrowderJohn 21
What does it profit to follow JESUS Terry BrowderJohn 12:19 ,Matthew 21:6-11, Luke 19 :39,40
Let Jesus be real to you.Larry BrowderJohn 20: 19-31
The empty tombLarry BrowderMatthew 28:1-10
When Jesus passed byLarry BrowderMatthew 21: 1-11
To set at the King's tableHunter Bentley II Samuel 9: 1-5
It's All About JesusPaul OverbayJohn 3:16
The Potter's WheelTerry BrowderJeremiah 18:1-6
Reguardless of the storm we still have JesusHunter Bentley
Recoving God's PowerTommy Griffin II Kings 6:1-6
A New beginningLarry BrowderII Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 3:10
unexpected seasonsHunter Bentley
Great Expectation Robert YorkPsalms 30:1-5

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